Xerox’s Safe Courier to allow remote deposit capture of credit documents

150px-Original_iPhone_dockedXerox announced on Wednesday it has developed technology aimed at helping consumers transmit sensitive personal and financial data securely from their smartphone devices.

Consumers using a supported device can snap a photo of a document and transmit it to a recipient using Xerox’s Safe Courier, which expands mobile check capture and deposit applications currently available to allow for the processing of a wider variety of documents, including loan and credit card applications.

“Checks are small structured documents that are uniform in size and format and much easier to scan and process,” Raja Bala, the principal imaging scientist at the Xerox Research Center Webster who helped to develop the technology, said. “As smart phones become equipped with higher resolution cameras, they are capable of capturing, processing and—in the future—recognizing a wide variety of complex documents including a variety of formats. Safe Courier puts the power of complex state-of-the-art imaging algorithms and software to work enabling any customer, anywhere to submit any type of personal information simply, securely and quickly.”

Behind-the-scenes technology automatically crops a captured image and cleans the image up, then stitches it together for transmission. A number of delivery options are available, and users automatically receive confirmation of receipt or can check on the delivery status of a transmission.

“Even with today’s rise of mobile banking applications, the most common ways consumers provide documents containing sensitive information to their financial institutions is via a fax machine, scan to email, or express delivery,” Mark Johnston, Xerox’s CIO of financial services, said. “Safe Courier provides a secure alternative to those options while offering customers greater mobile convenience.”

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