Survey: Mobile key to growth but riskier for organizations

Money Phone MobileA recent report released earlier this week by fraud and risk management solutions provider Kount revealed that while more businesses say mobile is key to growth, organizations are more likely to view the mobile channel this year as riskier than last year.

According to the report, the number of organizations that identified a mobile strategy as “very important” to growth increased by seven percent, coinciding with a decline in the number of businesses that said mobile was “not very important.”

Organizations have increasingly begun to explore the potential benefits of developing a mobile strategy, but many also identified a number of growing risks in the mobile channel.

Thirty-two percent of organizations that consider the mobile channel to be riskier rose from 24 percent in the 2012 survey to 32 percent in the 2013 survey. Businesses that said the mobile channel is “just as risky,” moreover, fell from more than 50 percent to 41 percent in the 2013 survey.

Additionally, merchants and service providers are more likely to indicate a mobile strategy requires the use of additional tools to manage risk. Businesses that believe a mobile strategy requires very specialized tools nearly doubled from 17 percent to reach 32 percent this year.

“Based on the results… we see that the mobile channel is still young, but it is quickly growing, both as a larger portion of an organization’s revenue and as a more integral component of an organization’s growth plans,” the report said. “As the mobile channel grows, we are starting to see shifts in the perceptions of organizations, including priorities for current and planned capabilities, as well as what they see as the biggest obstacles to adoption of mobile eCommerce.”

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