Square extends platform to simplify accounting for small businesses

Money Phone MobileSquare launched its software partner platform on Monday that will simplify accounting for small businesses by automatically transmitting point-of-sale data to back-office accounting software.

The launch extends Works with Square, a program launched earlier in the year to provide customers with more business tools, and expands the platform with integration with Xero. In November, the company expanded its platform to integrate with QuickBooks.

Business owners can link Square and Xero accounts and transmit past Square sales data into Xero. After the first connection, transactions are automatically imported, summarized and populated into the appropriate accounts within Xero’s general ledger.

Square Japan has also integrated Japanese accounting software freee to allow sellers to connect accounts and streamline sales and accounting.

Square is the provider of the Square Reader, a free credit card reader for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that allows business owners to accept mobile credit card payments anywhere. Its suite of tools includes Square Register, Square Market, Square Wallet, Square Cash and Square Stand.

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