SharperLending releases new version of Appraisal Firewall technology for mobile devices

150px-Original_iPhone_dockedMortgage tech provider SharperLending announced on Thursday its plan to launch a new version of its Appraisal Firewall technology for mobile devices.

The new version of the technology will allow lenders, appraisers and appraisal management firms greater accessibility to real estate appraisals. New features will allow users to streamline appraisal ordering and compliance, as well as offer easier management of the appraisal process.

“More of our lender clients have started migrating to tablet devices for their loan officers and processors for cost savings and efficiency reasons,” SharperLending President and CEO Dave Black said. “In many cases, tablets are able to perform as optimally as a desktop computer or a laptop with more cost-effective pricing. Our goal with these enhancements is to track technology trends to enable our clients to work in the most efficient, compliant environment they can that meets their operational need.”

Appraisal Firewall is a web-based tech solution designed for lenders to manage their own appraisal process and to work with local appraisers and appraisal firms. The technology seeks to help lenders comply with regulatory requirements under the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, as well as those issued by the CFPB.

“We’re designing this version of Appraisal Firewall with a fresh, cleaner look and feel that will be able to run seamlessly from device to device,” Black said. “It will have the same in-house appraisal management focus that continues to make Appraisal Firewall one of the most sought after real estate appraisal technologies available today.”

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