Global Payout to give Classic Credit customers reloadable MoneyTrac Prepaid cards

Global PayoutGlobal Payout recently signed an agreement with Classic Credit Systems to supply Classic members with reloadable MoneyTrac Prepaid cards that will allow them to access discounted online purchasing.

Classic estimates that it will acquire 10,000 new members each year. The card will allow Classic members access to direct payroll deposit, online shopping and full point of sale and ATM availability nationwide.

Classic Credit is an online shopping mall that targets customers who do not have access to online shopping. Members can receive a MoneyTrac Prepaid card and load funds by direct deposit or with cash at 60,000 retail locations.

“Classic Credit Systems is providing an innovative approach to online shopping and we anticipate adding additional prepaid cards based upon their projected growth for 2013 and 2014,” Global Payout CEO James L. Hancock said.

Each Classic member will also receive a dollar for dollar credit applied to their Classic Shopping Cart for each dollar loaded to their MoneyTrac prepaid card.

“Our members will be able to enjoy a true catalogue shopping experience through our web site and access other services through their MoneyTrac Prepaid card,” Lori Bridges, the director of operations for Classic Credit Systems, said. “We required a specially designed integration system to accommodate the dollar for dollar money match feature and Global made it happen.”

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