Banco do Brasil Americas partners with i2c on prepaid EMV card

banco do brasilBanco do Brasil Americas recently partnered with payment processing solutions provider i2c to launch a multi-currency prepaid MasterCard that supports EMV technology.

“We strive to create financial products and services that are convenient, cost-effective and safe for consumers,” Banco do Brasil Americas President and CEO Cassio Segura said. “By working with capable partners like i2c, we were able to integrate a number of useful features into the prepaid card so that it delivers these benefits.”

The card’s multi-currency functionality ensures acceptance in the U.S. and abroad—supported currencies include U.S. dollars, Brazilian reais, Canadian dollars, euro, British pounds sterling and Australian dollars. Cardholders can transfer funds into other currencies and store them in sub-accounts directly linked to the card.

Funds can be loaded onto the card online or at Banco do Brasil Americas-branded ATM machines. Self-service support is available in English and Portuguese, and a live representative is available for support in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

“Consumer-centric financial institutions like Banco do Brasil Americas place a premium on tailoring their products to meet the varying needs of their consumers,” i2c CEO Amir Wain said. “The execution of this philosophy requires the support of a processor with unique capabilities that can be customized and deployed quickly. We are happy to be serving Banco do Brasil Americas in this capacity on another innovative program.”

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