Square takes on Amazon’s Alyssa Henry as head of engineering

SquareSquare announced on Monday that Alyssa Henry, the former vice president of Amazon Web Services Storage Services, will join the company as head of engineering, where she will lead operations for Square’s infrastructure and payments platform.

“Making technology simple is a fun challenge because it requires tackling massive complexity,” Henry said. “I’ve spent the last seven years building simple, reliable, and cost-effective services that help entrepreneurs scale their business. I’m super excited to join the team at Square because local sellers deserve access to the same tools and opportunities to grow.”

As head of Amazon’s web services division, she helped lead Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS, as well as their teams, software and businesses, through a period of substantial growth. Before the web services division, Henry was the director of software development for ordering at Amazon.

Previously, she spent 12 years at Microsoft working on data access technologies, international customer relationship management software and databases. She began her career as a developer in the financial services industry.

Henry is just one of several people to recently join the company’s leadership team. Other recent hires include business head Francoise Brougher and General Counsel Dana Wagner from Google, product lead Gokul Rajaram from Facebook, CFO Sarah Friar from Salesforce, hardware head Jesse Dorogusker of Apple and brand lead Ricardo Reyes from Tesla.

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