Eric Haller to head Experian research, development in company DataLabs

220px-Experian.svgExperian—one of the big three credit reporting agencies—announced on Monday that Eric Haller has been named the executive vice president of Experian DataLabs, which utilize data sets to help clients address marketing and risk-management challenges.

“Clients are seeking innovative techniques and applications to capture the value that is hidden within their data assets,” Haller said. “Experian DataLabs provide a safe and secure environment to partner with our clients to enable breakthrough data experimentation and innovation. In our labs, we’re able to combine Experian’s data assets with those of our clients to present a larger picture and to experiment with new and innovative ways of analyzing that data to deliver greater competitive advantages.”

The company is currently working towards building two more labs in London and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“Under Eric’s leadership, Experian DataLabs will help our clients harness data and analytics to provide insights needed to make better decisions, create value and deliver that value to customers,” Experian Deputy COO Kerry Williams said.

Haller was promoted from senior vice president of strategic development and applied research, a position he has held since 2007. Before joining Experian, Haller served as the vice president and general manager of new product development at prepaid card issuer Green Dot Corp. and the vice president of strategic development at MasterCard Advisors.

Additionally, Haller served as the vice president of strategic development at Experian from 1995 to 2000, before which he was the director of new product development and advanced technologies at Visa.

Haller is the co-founder of iDawg, an analytics firm focused on identity theft detection and consumer notification that was sold in 2002 and renamed ID Analytics. He has a bachelor’s degree in finance from San Diego State University.

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