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BCN profile: Chicago’s George Johnson says investor protection is critical

George Johnson CDXCChicago, Ill. – George Johnson of Millennium Capital, a 22-year financial veteran and winning youth baseball coach, celebrated his twenty-third year in a distinguished career financial career. Johnson has been involved with companies such as Chromadex (CDXC), Pedevco (PED), Snap Interactive (STVI), LightPath Technologies (LPTH), IceWeb (IWEB), Electronic Cigarettes International Group (ECIG), and Sevion Therapeutics (SVON).

George Johnson’s firm, Millennium Capital, raises money for small-sized private and public companies. Millennium is a Chicago-based firm specializing in raising money for companies.

In his early days as a broker 22 years ago, Johnson spent at least 10 hours per day cold calling prospective clients. Now, at age 43, he gets most of his business through client referrals.

“Most of our day is still on the phone, but the access to information is now incredible,” Johnson said. “It has evened the playing field.”

Brokerage firms face a number of challenges, but the biggest challenge is the ever-changing nature of the regulatory environment, says Johnson. Many brokers say that regulators (namely FINRA and the SEC) have been aggressive after the 2008 financial crisis.

Like most brokers, investor protection is a top priority for Johnson. One of the looming issues is liquidity in the market. Many brokers believe that financial reforms passed by Congress didn’t adequately address the issue.

Outside of the financial world, Johnson coaches youth sports. He’s been a coach all of his adult life.

“I want kids to get the proper instruction and more importantly have a role model that they can look up to,” Johnson said. “We finished last year 43-8-1 and I categorize my style as positive motivational coaching. I think what coaches can provide kids these days can last a lifetime. We need to be positive.”

Johnson lives in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago. He has four children aged 5 through 11.

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