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VeriFone announces new EMV-capable handheld payment terminal

VerifoneVeriFone Systems, Inc., announced its first handheld EMV-capable payment terminal featuring Bluetooth, 3G radio and WiFi connectivity this week.

The VX 690′s connectivity allows for fast transactions and flexible payment capabilities, while its size, design and multiple connection capabilities meet the demands of mobile point of sale for merchants, especially in North America, Australia and part of Asia where 3G connectivity is increasingly required for payment device acceptance.

“It is no secret that merchants increasingly want a user experience that parallels that of a consumer electronics device,” Bill Nelson, the executive vice president of Global Product Management at VeriFone, said. “The VX 690 achieves this goal while providing 3G connectivity that is critical in many markets where 2G networks are transitioning to 3G. The user experience of the terminal combined with its robustness, flexibility, and technical communication capabilities will not only enable payments today—it will enable commerce tomorrow.”

The VX 690 also features dual SIM functionality to enable the terminal to connect to different networks quickly, allowing transactions to keep moving, and built-in GPS allows every transaction’s location to be tracked, providing greater visibility into operations and inventory across multiple stores.

VeriFone expects the VX 690 to be available in late 2014.

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