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Tantrum Street launches Skip Wallet secure-purchase app

220px-IPhone_keyboard_unblurredTantrum Street announced on Wednesday the launch of Skip Wallet, an app designed to help consumers make purchases more securely.

The wallet app, which is iOS 6+ compatible, is available on mobile and tablet devices and features a real-time payname-based member recognition system. The app securely completes transactions using triple-tokenization encryption and leverages location-based services to suggest opportunities to use the wallet.

The cloud-based app allows consumers to load credit, debit, gift card and rewards information onto one platform, providing a swipe- and scan-free experience.

Dallas will be the first test market, due to its retail environment and diverse consumer audience. Skip Wallet will begin testing next month at select stores and food locations throughout the city.

The wallet is also a member of Good Returns, a social network that pools funds and drives access to capital to solve global issues such as poverty and hunger.

Users select a “Spark” in an incremental amount to be added to every transaction, and the funds are then used to create microfinance loans that fund small businesses and social programs in the U.S., Mexico, Haiti and Dominican Republic.

“We created Skip Wallet to provide consumers with a new payment option that not only fits conveniently into their lives, but does so in a manner they can trust,” Tantrum Street founder and CEO William Cervin said. “Through our partnership with Good Returns, consumers can now make their everyday purchases impactful by simultaneously supporting a movement to alleviate global problems. With Skip Wallet we have truly found a way to change the way consumers pay, for good.”

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