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ShopKeep introduces ShopKeep Mobile POS device

Shopkeep POS MobileCloud-based POS platform ShopKeep announced on Monday the introduction of ShopKeep Mobile, a handheld POS device that will operate using Griffin Olli hardware with the ShopKeep app.

Designed for the iPod Touch, the new mobile device features an encrypted card swiper and high-speed barcode scanner that will allow merchants to ring up purchases on the go.

“This is a complete handheld POS that is connected to the cloud. It’s everything you need to run your store – in your pocket,” ShopKeep Founder and CEO Jason Richelson said. “It also removes one of the worst parts of the retail experience for shoppers, which is waiting in line; and creates a more personal customer interaction by removing the counter as a barrier. This is groundbreaking technology that will bring the customer experience you get in the Apple store to small businesses everywhere.”

The device also features unlimited customer support, the ability to email receipts, a full suite of reports, a customer database and an offline mode.

“This is a real tool for real businesses that also looks good,” Dean Shortland, the director of business development at Griffin Technology, said. “It is designed by human beings for human beings. People who use iOS devices understand and expect not only a solid user experience but also a solid design aesthetic. Olli breaks the mold of other mobile POS hardware and offers mobile POS with curb appeal.”

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