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ROAM launches RP750x chip, PIN-enabled mobile payment solution

roamIngenico’s ROAM announced on Monday the launch of its cloud-based RP750x device, which will enable PIN and chip acceptance.

The new device is fully compatible with ROAM’s mobile commerce platform and allows for magnetic stripe, NFC, chip and sign, and chip and PIN acceptance.

Features include compliance with PCI, Visa Ready and EMV standards; Bluetooth capabilities for smartphones and tablet devices; a backlit display; EMV, magnetic stripe, smart card and NFC readers; cloud-enabled configuration and customization options.

“With the launch of our RP750x chip & PIN solution, we’re now covering all of the bases of global mobile payment acceptance for new mPOS players,” ROAM CEO Ken Paull said of the solution, which was demonstrated during the Mobile World Congress earlier this week. “Launching the ROAMmcm 5 payments engine in January laid the groundwork for supporting international mPOS deployments, and the RP750x is the latest piece of the puzzle enabling EMV mobile card acceptance across the globe.”

ROAM solutions offer merchants device and fraud management features, remote application configuration and an mPOS app that can be localized for any region, language or country.

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