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Realex Payments selected to provide gateway solution for Elavon Payment Gateway

Realex PaymentsRealex Payments announced on Wednesday that it was selected to partner and provide a gateway solution for the new Elavon Payment Gateway.

Realex will provide a fully branded, online multi-channel payment gateway for businesses in the U.K. and Europe, resources aimed at promoting the adoption of the solution across Elavon’s markets and support functions to clients and their technical teams.

“We are delighted to have been selected as the managed gateway partner for Elavon,” Realex founder and CEO Colm Lyon said. “This is a major partnership for us; we are strategically positioned to offer our partners a holistic and compelling offering that truly enables them to grow their ecommerce business. We are extremely excited about the future and working with Elavon to grow our relationship, extend our reach and strengthen our strategic partnership. This announcement is further reinforcement of our commitment to providing the best managed gateway solution, not just a white label but a deep partnership that truly facilitates growth.”

Realex is currently in a period of growth. Last year, U.K. revenue increased by 95 percent and the company’s client base doubled to 12,500. Realex also recently launched Realex Fire, a personal payment account that allows users to bank and withdraw funds, create a circle of payees, send and receive payments, receive Facebook notifications and operate across numerous accounts.

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