Payment technology

PulseWallet biometric technology allows consumers to pay with palms

PulseWalletThe launch of New Jersey-based biometric digital wallet PulseWallet will allow consumers to pay for purchases by scanning their palms.

To enroll in the free service, customers must go to a participating store, swipe their card and scan their palm at a biometric terminal. The card and biometric data will then be linked to the customer’s account.

At checkout, the consumer places their palm on the terminal that scans the unique vein pattern in the palm. The screen then prompts the customer to choose a desired card for purchase.

Receipts, membership cards and coupons are stored on the wallet, which is accessible only to the customer named on the account.

In November, PulseWallet–which was launched in 2011–partnered with Fujitsu to offer the palm-reading technology. The scanners use a near-infrared light to caputre a palm vein pattern, though no skin contact occurs.

The device is only able to recognize the pattern if blood is flowing through the veins, and the pattern is matched against the unique palm vein patterns of pre-registered users, helping to protect against forgery.

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