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ProCharge Mobile adds Android, next-day funding capabilities

Android PhoneProCharge Mobile recently announced the addition of Android capabilities, new features and next day funding for all major credit card brands.

Since its launch in February, ProCharge Mobile—the in-house mobile payments solution for Electronic Payments—has worked to simplify payment processing for merchants. The product is now fully compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and users now have access to features like cash transaction support and thermal printer capability.

The product also offers signature capture, tip and tax adjustment, gift card activation and redemption, emailed recipts and magnetic card readers for credit cards. The latest version also provides the option to accept and record all cash transactions to calculate the amount tendered in the app.

Users receive next-day funding for all major bank cards, and the platform supports multiple devices per merchant account. It is compatible with Blue Bamboo’s PocketPOS P200 or compact portable printer and may be used with nearly any smartphone through Bluetooth or WiFi connections.

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