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PreCash launches cash-based bill-pay app for mobile users

PreCashPreCash launched on Tuesday its Evolve Money app, the first online and mobile app that allows consumers to track and pay more than 10,000 bills without a bank account, credit or debit card.

“Many consumers prefer to use cash as a way to manage their money, but it often takes more time and costs more to do so, especially if they want to make an expedited payment,” PreCash President and CEO Steve Taylor said. “The beauty of Evolve Money is consumers can get a load pack or PIN at thousands of locations and then use their smartphone, tablet or computer to make payments either real-time for $1.50 per transaction, or as a standard two day payment which is free. That far exceeds any options out there where there’s a premium fee that can cost up to $25 for some immediate payments and several dollars for standard payments.”

Evolve Money also offers a payment manage tool to help consumers keep track of all transactions, allowing cash-paying users to manage their bills with tools typically only available to bank and credit card customers.

The Evolve Money app is available for Android users for free at the Google Play app store, while other smartphone and mobile device users can use the tool by visiting

“Everyone pays bills, whether people use cash or have access to a variety of payment options, and Evolve Money makes it faster and easier,” Taylor said. “We think anyone can appreciate that value regardless of how they choose to pay. More than half of all mobile users in the U.S. carry a smartphone, and more and more people are using them to manage their money. On-the-go smartphone users expect speed and ease, and that is exactly what Evolve Money delivers.”

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