Payment technology

Payfirma API to help developers create new payments devices, systems

PayfirmaMobile and online payments provider Payfirma recently announced that payments developers will be able to use the company’s API to respond to the needs of merchants in the industry in their development of new mobile and e-payments devices.

“Consumers want to pay when, where and how they like,” Payfirma CEO Michael Gokturk said. “For businesses to compete and serve these customers, they need to offer a seamless experience across mobile, web and in-store shopping. Now any merchant can provide an omni-channel payment experience by using our simple API to build custom payment solutions with access to reporting and analytics—the first of its kind in the known universe!”

The API can be used with iOS or Android operating systems. Features such as customer vault functionality and recurring billing are available on the single platform.

“This API was created in response to the growing number of businesses that see the benefits of selling across multiple channels,” Gokturk said. “Our research shows 76 percent of Payfirma’s customers are requesting multichannel solutions when it comes to accepting payments.”

The API can be integrated with Payfirma’s products, including the mobile payment app, tablet POS, recurring billing and web terminal, as well as its cloud-based platform.

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