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OTP Bank Hungary launches digital wallet with MasterPass API integration

Mobile WalletOTP Bank Hungary announced on Wednesday the introduction of OTPay, the first digital wallet in Europe that features MasterPass application programming interface integration.

The mobile app, developed by Hungarian payments tech firm Cellum, is available for download by OTP Bank customers, clients and other banks, as well. Cardholders will have the ability to shop and pay at more than 30,000 MasterCard acceptance points worldwide.

“OTP Bank has been a leader in the adoption of new technologies in the payment industry for many years,” Péter Forrai, the managing director of OTP Bank’s electronic banking division, said. “Recently we have realized a growing demand for mobile payment solutions, which not only provide a high level of comfort and security for the customer but are also open to accept cards from different schemes and even functions. These were the main objectives why we decided to adopt MasterCard’s global digital platform as MasterPass provides international shopping opportunities to our customers.”

App customers can register several payment cards within the OTPay app and use their mobile devices to manage transactions and payments. Card details are automatically applied at checkout, and customers can select other relevant information, such as delivery address.

“We are very proud that OTP Bank, the largest retail bank in Hungary, decided to integrate MasterPass as a major global platform for their remote mobile payment application,” Hungary and Slovenia Country Manager Endre Eölyüs said. “This has been a strategic decision from the bank within a process while they were searching for a solution with the most potential for future use.”

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