Payment technology

Oink to be integrated into Woozworld social network for teens

OinkVirtual Piggy, the provider of family/teen wallet solution Oink, announced an agreement last week that will bring payments to the popular social network Woozworld for teens.

Woozworld has more than 25 million registered users; it allows users to gather to socialize and play games with friends.

“We’re thrilled to add the Oink technology to our popular virtual world and social network for tweens,” Woozworld President and CEO Simonetta Lulli said. “We feel that it is a great step for our audience to start learning how to manage their own money and virtual wallet. This payment technology is specifically unique and important to us for the COPPA-compliant payment mechanism it provides while also helping to increase conversion rates and user engagement.”

Oink allows retailers and game publishers to reach consumers under the age of 21 in a legal manner compliant with federal regulations. The mobile wallet solution is available online or via mobile devices, providing for secure transactions with parental controls.

“Woozworld is dedicated to creating a safe gaming environment that tweens can enjoy and parents can trust,” Oink CEO and Founder Jo Webber said. “We’re excited to integrate our secure, COPPA-compliant payment technology into their site to meet the needs of their growing virtual world.”

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