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NAC issues guidance on EMV migration for ATM operators

EMV Credit CardThe National ATM Council (NAC) issued guidance last week for the U.S. ATM industry on EMV migration, urging operators to ensure that new machines purchased have EMV hardware and software functionality.

“EMV is one of the most crucial issues facing the US Independent ATM industry today, and NAC felt a real need to help provide clarification and guidance to our members and the retail ATM sector in general on this complex subject,” NAC Chairman Bonnie Dalrymple said in a press release. “NAC will continue to work diligently and cooperatively with all the different business entities involved in the US EMV migration process, to help assure that this transformation of America’s ATM base is as smooth and effective as possible.

According to the NAC, its research has shown a large number of new ATMs purchased over the past year lack EMV capabilities—the result of concerns by ATM owners and operators that any changes by card companies could make their investment essentially worthless.

In its guidance, the NAC said MasterCard, Visa and EMVCo do not intend to alter the EMV specifications for the U.S. marketplace.

“MasterCard and Visa have assured NAC that, absent external intervention (for example, government regulation), ATM EMV hardware purchased/deployed today by U.S. ATM operators will remain compliant throughout its reasonable useful service life following this migration,” the guidance said.

The liability shift deadline for migration to EMV is October 2015, after which the ATM owner or merchant will be liable for fraudulent transactions.

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