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Mobeam, Clutch launch barcode-beaming wallet technology

Mobile WalletMobeam and Clutch recently released a new mobile wallet technology that allows consumers to beam barcodes from membership, gift and loyalty cards from their mobile devices to any laser scanner.

The technology, provided by Mobeam, is available exclusively for Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 devices. The technology has been used on more than 25 million devices during the past month.

“The mobile shopping experience needs to be easy, simple and convenient for our customers,” Andy O’Dell, the co-founder and chief commercial officer of Clutch, said. “Now consumers won’t have to worry whether or not their merchant will be able to scan a card stored in Clutch, greatly enhancing the convenience of a mobile wallet and saving valuable time at the checkout.”

The Clutch app simplifies the shopping experience for consumers, combining all coupons, searches, purchases, mobile payments, shopping comparisons and loyalty cards. The app aggregates over 100,000 deals, offers and rebates every day.

“Mobeam is excited to be working with Clutch to help customers save time and money by simplifying their overall shopping experience,” Mobeam COO Marcia Donner said. “Shoppers using Clutch will now be able to use their phones to easily redeem coupons, gift cards, membership cards, and more at any store. Barcodes are universal and with Mobeam, retailers don’t need to upgrade their existing POS systems to make barcodes mobile.”

The technology addresses an issue that has hindered the development of mobile commerce: most retail laser scanners are unable to scan a barcode from a smartphone screen. Mobeam converts barcodes so they are readable by retail scanners.

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