Payment technology

LGI partners with MasterCard to offer MasterPass integration to gamers

MasterpassLive Gamer, Inc. announced last week that it partnered with MasterCard to offer MasterPass digital payments integration to gamers on Elements and Pay+ platforms.

“When it comes to digital content, consumers are extremely particular in getting what they want, when they want it,” LG Co-Founder Andrew Schneider said. “The greatest benefit of working with MasterPass means that we’re able to remove the complications from the transaction process so that the consumer can get what they want faster, which is a top priority for the content provider.”

MasterPass allows consumers to use any payment card or enabled electronic devices to access expanded offerings in the digital content and interactive entertainment industries in North America and Europe.

When using MasterPass, customers’ preferred payment and shipping information is stored and is readily accessible to complete purchases. MasterCard said the technology contributes to less shopping card abandonment, increased sales and customer loyalty.

“MasterPass was developed to meet the evolving payment needs of the new digital commerce ecosystem in which consumers expect the same secure and convenient payment experience regardless of where or when they’re making a purchase,” Ed Olebe, the head of U.S. emerging payments at MasterCard, said.

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