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Igenico’s Ogone launches mPOS chip, PIN mobile payment solution

Mobile PaymentIgenico’s Ogone announced last week the launch of Ogone mPOS, a new chip and PIN mobile payment solution, in the Netherlands.

The solution, which is designed for businesses and merchants that conduct business outside traditional brick-and-mortar retail, is based on Ingenico’s mPOS technology and is combined with easycash’s processing solution. A chip and PIN debit and credit card reader connects with iOS and Android mobile devices, allowing merchants and traders to complete transactions remotely.

Merchants can download the Ogone mPOS app on their mobile devices and pair it with their Ogone mPOS device via Bluetooth. The solution allows vendors to provide customers with personalized, detailed e-receipts and to search and download transactions, as well as access customer information and create detailed management information.

The solution complies with every major payment industry standard, including EMV, PCI, Visa Ready and payPass.

“Ogone’s mPOS is a revolution in the mobile payment terminal market,” Maurice van Dijk, the head of Netherlands sales at Ogone, said. “It’s not only user friendly, but also secure. Ogone mPOS symbolizes the perfect win-win situation. Merchants benefit from faster payments and a better cash flow. Their customers can pay on the spot and do not have to sit behind their laptop to transfer the money later on. This is the type of customer focused innovation we at Ogone and the Ingenico Group are consistently pursuing.”

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