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Igenico, Lyudia to offer payment services to Japanese market

IngenicoIngenico announced on Monday an agreement Lyudia, a Japan-based subsidiary of Broadband Tower, to offer payment services in Japan.

Ingenico and Lyudia will provide a range of payment services to the Japanese market, including software development, certification, logistics, support and maintenance.

“We are delighted to work with Broadband Tower in their new payments initiatives through our innovative and efficient payment solutions,” Ingenico EMEA Executive Vice President Jacques Behr said. “This partnership reflects our strategy to expand our position in Japan with dedicated offer that answers to retail and mobile payment business segment needs.”

Igenico will showcase its retail and mobile solutions at the Retail Tech expo in Tokyo from March 4-7.

“We are more than proud of this partnership with a global leading payment solution provider such as Ingenico,” Lyudia CEO Takane Nakamura said. “We believe our mission is to provide the Japanese market with the best and most innovative payment solutions and help merchants to keep improving the ‘user experience.’”

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