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Heartland, Tabbedout to unveil integrated app for restauranteurs

Heartland Payment SYstemsHeartland Payment Systems and mobile payment app Tabbedout announced a partnership last week aimed at providing an integrated mobile payment solution for restaurant and bar operators.

The Tabbedout app allows consumers to open, view and pay restaurant and bar tabs using their phones, thereby eliminating the process of bringing physical checks to each patron. The company will continue to work with other firms to enable operators to work with providers of their choice.

Using Heartland’s technologies, the companies will enhance the Tabbedout app platform with features like multi-use tokenization, SKU-level gift, rewards and promotions, reservations and waitlist management.

“As a merchant advocate, it is Heartland’s duty to evaluate all advances in technology as we innovate and empower our customers to take full advantage of feature-rich solutions tailored for their specific business needs that also create engaging experiences for their patrons,” David Gilbert, Heartland’s hospitality group president, said. “Built exclusively for the hospitality industry, Tabbedout’s ability to simplify front-of-house management and communicate directly with consumers in a meaningful way, all while facilitating a seamless, enjoyable customer experience, can change the way restaurants and bars do business. When combined with Heartland’s leading-edge technology, the combination becomes more powerful.”

The new solution will be introduced this fall in Austin, Dallas and Houston in Texas, as well as New York City and New Orleans.

“We know that in restaurants and bars every penny counts, which is why Tabbedout is designed specifically to enable operators to run more profitable businesses,” Tabbedout CEO Alex Broeker said. “We create a competitive advantage for merchants by helping them create value for their customers, whether that’s through unrivaled convenience or a personalized guest experience that delivers targeted offers that can help them save money or take advantage of great deals… Heartland’s advanced, proprietary processing technology and wide array of targeted merchant solutions are the perfect complement to our mobile application that, when combined, provide a solid foundation for us to build upon together.”

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