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Heartland offers business customers access to VersaPay gateway

Heartland Payment SYstemsHeartland Payment Systems, one of the largest payments processors in the U.S., is now offering small and mid-size business customers to opt into VersaPay electronic invoicing and allow merchants to accept credit and debit card payments.

“The VersaPay ARC eInvoicing platform is a particularly useful solution for any business that traditionally sends customers paper invoices, especially small to mid-size businesses such as accounting, law, insurance, manufacturing, distribution and many others,” Kris Herrin, the chief of emerging products at Heartland, said. “Paper invoices typically cost a few dollars to process from end to end, and it can take thirty to ninety days to receive payment. With VersaPay ARC eInvoicing, each invoice costs less than a postage stamp to process and payments are received days or even weeks earlier.”

Under the terms of the reseller agreement signed by Heartland and VersaPay’s U.S. subsidiary, Heartland’s business customers will be able to track invoice delivery, customer viewing status and to send payment reminders.

The VersaPay gateway is accessible through Heartland’s Portico e-commerce gateway, and merchants have the ability to either import invoices from accounting software or create them using VersaPay software.

“Heartland is uniquely positioned to deliver all the benefits of our ARC eInvoicing system nationwide with its world-class reputation and sales distribution network,” Todd Whiton, the president of VersaPay Payment Technology Solutions, VersaPay’s U.S. subsidiary, said. “The opportunity to change the way invoices are issued and paid between U.S. businesses is enormous, and we believe this strategic partnership with Heartland will broaden the acceptance of our technology.”

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