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Heartland launches OneCard Mobile app for college students

Heartland Payment SYstemsHeartland Payment Systems launched its OneCard Mobile app for college students last week that will store identification information, allow payments for campus services and activities and permit access to events, buildings, libraries and other facilities.

“Students today are inseparable from their smartphones, so we decided to rethink the entire campus mobile technology model,” Melissa Peirano, the general manager of OneCard for Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI, said. “Why not create a mobile app that combines a secure, pre-paid mobile payment system with student ID functionality that provides convenience to students, peace of mind to parents, and a helping hand to administrators looking to streamline operations while creating the right impact, the right connections, and a better image? That’s what OneCard Mobile does, and pilot testing proves that students, parents and campus administrators are enthusiastic on many levels.”

The app allows campus administrators to provide students with a single access point and mobile resource for student needs.

“In addition to enhanced services, security and convenience for parents and students, campus administrators like the optimization of operations OneCard Mobile provides,” Fred Emery, the vice president of sales for Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI, said. “They can also configure the app to offer as much functionality as they’d like, and add new functionality as they go along. Anything with a URL can be easily added. Administrators also appreciate that they can brand the app with their own school colors and logos, helping them to build their campus brand.”

For more information about the app, visit Heartland’s website.

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