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FIS awarded best in class for mobile banking technology

FISBanking and payment technology provider FIS was recently awarded two “Best in Class” rankings from Javelin Strategy & Research and CEB TowerGroup.

FIS received the “Best in Class Mobile Banking Vendor Overall” ranking for 2013 from Javelin, and “Best in Class” rankings in customer experience, interface development and integration and management in CEB TowerGroup’s recent mobile banking technology analysis.

“Leading the industry with a broad portfolio of mobile solutions, such as FIS Mobile Wallet and Cardless Cash Access, the FIS Mobile team consistently looks for ways to bring true mobile innovation to our clients that will strengthen the ties they have with their customers,” Doug Brown, the senior vice president and general manager of FIS Mobile Financial Services, said. “Mobile will soon become the dominant channel for customers to interact with their financial institutions, and awards like these demonstrate the true value that FIS delivers to our clients in the mobile realm.”

The 2013 “Best in Class Mobile Banking Vendor Overall” ranking is one of Javelin’s highest honors. FIS also ranked No. 1 in the “Top 3 Mobile Banking Vendor Standards and Customized Solutions,” as well as No. 1 in “Top 3 Mobile Banking Standard Solutions.”

“FIS was awarded Javelin’s 2013 Best in Class Overall Mobile Banking Vendor Award by offering a broad overview of features and functionality for both its standard and higher-end, customizable products …” Javelin said. “FIS provides an intuitive customer experience, aggressive roadmap and full integration to effectively execute a winning mobile model.”

CEB TowerGroup said in its recent report, which recognized FIS for its technology solutions, that the company is “truly dedicated to product innovation.”

“The mobile payments point-of-sale functionality is especially innovative, combining marketing and discounting directly through the payment process,” CEB said in the report.

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