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FIS awarded 2014 Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award for mobile wallet

Mobile WalletFIS was recently awarded the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award for its mobile wallet technology.

The award is based on an independent analysis of North American mobile wallets by Frost & Sullivan, which has more than 1,800 analysts in 40 countries.

“With FIS mobile wallets, banks, retailers, and merchants are assured of an adaptable and secure implementation that is extremely easy to deploy and can get them up and running in a few weeks – versus several months that it can take with competing implementations,” Frost & Sullivan said in its report announcing the award. “Overall, FIS is helping to define the market opportunity by 1) proactively educating the industry about this ongoing shift in consumer behavior to mobile, and 2) bringing cutting-edge products to market to help merchants and retailers maximize the connected commerce and marketing opportunity.”

FIS Mobile Wallet is cloud-based and stores user credentials that are transmitted only during a transaction, helping to prevent card skimming and other types of fraud. The award marks the third time in the past month that FIS’ mobile solutions have received recognition.

“This award is about putting a compelling customer experience in market and demonstrates the commitment that FIS has made to bringing innovative mobile solutions to market for financial institutions, merchants and their customers in a way that safely and securely benefits all,” FIS Mobile Financial Services Senior Vice President and General Manager Doug Brown said. “Mobile commerce is the future. To make it a reality, financial institutions and their customers must understand the benefits each receives.”

FIS Mobile was named 2013 Best in Class Mobile Banking Vendor by Javelin Strategy & Research, as well as no. 1 in Mobile Banking Vendor Standards and Customized Solutions and no. 1 in Mobile Banking Standard Solutions.

The company’s mobile services were also named Best in Class Customer Experience, Best in Class Interface Development and Best in Class Integration & Management by CEB TowerGroup.

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