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FIDANO launches swipeless Flint+ mobile payments solution

FidanoFIDANO recently announced the launch of Flint+, which will allow merchant service providers, credit unions, referral sources and community banks to offer an aggregated mobile payments solution to merchant and customers through a customizable, self-service registration portal.

Flint+ will be offered as an extension of Flint Mobile’s core application, which allows mobile businesses to accept credit cards by scanning the card number using a smartphone camera—no data or image is saved on the phone.

Interested organizations can sign up for free and begin offering mobile payments to their customers through a customizable web page. Users can filter transaction data using a broad set of criteria, then download customer email addresses to be used for marketing or reporting purposes.

Additionally, Flint+ offers integrated social media tools that encourage customers to post reviews and recommendations through Facebook, which is designed to generate more repeat business through customized loyalty offers in every receipt.

Users pay 1.95 percent per transaction for debit cards, and 2.95 percent per transaction for credit cards and key entered cards. Data is protected according to PCI DSS industry guidelines, and the solution features built-in methods to protect consumer privacy.

“We are excited to team up with FIDANO in order to enable hundreds of local financial services providers to participate in the trend toward mobile payments,” Flint Mobile co-founder and CEO Greg Goldfarb said. “These channels have a history of providing trusted services to small businesses nationwide, and we’re committed to their success.”

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