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CU Mobile Apps, Metova introduce SnoopWall to protect financial apps from cyber crimes

Cyber Data SecurityCU Mobile Apps and technology partner Metova announced on Wednesday the introduction of SnoopWall, a security solution designed to protect transactions completed through financial apps from hacking and spyware.

The app will be provided free to all CU Mobile Apps credit union clients and members.

“Security issues are a huge concern right now, especially with regard to mobile devices used for banking and credit union transactions,” Metova CEO John Adams said. “Current anti-virus software cannot prevent data access from your phone’s camera, for example. Our exclusive arrangement enables us to provide a version of SnoopWall’s groundbreaking patent pending technology that has been designed specifically for CU Mobile Apps and its clients.”

Metova, which develops mobile apps for the U.S. military and for other clients for whom security is a key consideration, partnered with SnoopWall to build the technology into the mobile app.

“We’re very excited to be the first to market with this type of counterveillance technology,” Ken Groombridge, Metova’s cybersecurity officer, said. “This revolutionary spyware blocking technology provides defense against cyberspying, snooping and stealing so credit union clients can enjoy peace of mind.”

SnoopWall President and Founder Gary S. Miliefsky developed the new technology to protect apps where typical antivirus and firewall software fail.

“SnoopWall acts as a gatekeeper for access to high-risk dataports, including your webcam and microphone, which are susceptible to being infected with malicious code used by cyber intruders,” Miliefsky said. “The program will alert users in real time of existing high-risk programs and applications, and block new ones from embossing malware on your device. By detecting and blocking malware, SnoopWall is your best defense for preventing personal information from getting into the hands of identity thieves and cyber snoops.”

Adams said he approached Miliefsky about putting “a piece of SnoopWall” inside the CU Mobile Apps product when he recognized the need to enhance its security. The SnoopWall team designed the SnoopWall Lite version integrated into CU Mobile Apps, which can be activated by members on their mobile device.

The full version of SnoopWall, which protects other apps, is also available for purchase as an upgrade.

“We are pleased and proud to ensure that CU Mobile Apps will be the exclusive provider of the SnoopWall technology for credit unions,” Tom Gray, the managing partner of Member Service Solutions, the creator of CU Mobile Apps, said. “No other technology worldwide can duplicate what SnoopWall’s revolutionary features can do on a mobile unit… Although recent studies indicate that mobile credit union and banking apps are 90 percent exposed to security breaches, our new embedded SnoopWall feature now provides a level of security no other mobile app can offer. CU Mobile Apps clients can rest assured that they will not be spied on, listened to, or have their phone camera’s images of sensitive account information accessed by others.”

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