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Creditcall CTO offers tips to simplify migration to EMV

Jeremy Gumbley

Jeremy Gumbley

Jeremy Gumbley, the chief technology officer at payment service provider Creditcall, recently offered tips to participants in the payment industry to help ease the transition to EMV ahead of the October 2015 liability shift.

Gumbley said one of the first steps in migrating to EMV involves the selection of a PIN pad. In order to choose the product right for each merchant, the retailer must consider the sale environment, as well as the importance of debit and various cardholder verification methods.

Many participants will also be required to update their processor interfaces to accommodate the volume of data generated by each EMV transaction.

“This can be a more complicated endeavor, as merchants have to depend on third parties to update their systems, or they may have to recreate the interfaces as the programming code has not been maintained or the original developer has left,” Gumbley said. “Another factor to consider is the sheer volume of merchants who will be undertaking the same process and whether their processor partners can keep up with demand.”

Gumbley said, however, the largest change is the certification regime, adding that merchants should allow ample time for a first certification and potential technical issues that may be encountered during the process.

“Most merchants are unaware of the multiple layers of brand certification required before a solution and go live,” Gumbley said. “If merchants are amply prepared and budget enough time for the various certifications, the migration process is made much easier.”

Additionally, merchants must also ensure they have frequent data updates to cover new data elements in EMV-enabled solutions and that they are in compliance with PCI P2PE standards.

“While migrating to EMV may seem a daunting task in a payments landscape like the U.S. where it is not only inevitable, but approaching a looming liability shift – it is a necessary shift in order to protect customer data,” Gumbley said. “When approached with these key points in mind, migrating to EMV becomes a much easier pill to swallow.”

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