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Chase ties for top spot in mobile banking functionality among U.S. banks

Money Phone MobileChase was ranked the top bank in the U.S. for mobile banking functionality in a report released on Monday by Forrester Research.

Chase earned 69 out of 100 points and tied with another bank for the top spot overall, marking the third consecutive year the bank has earned the position in Forrester’s report.

The research and advisory firm cited the bank’s transactional features; range of transfers, bill pay and person-to-person payments; and guidance provided to consumers in issuing the rating, which is arrived at by defining a user scenario and scoring the banks’ mobile banking services using more than 35 criteria.

“Our customers love the capabilities of Chase Mobile,” Gavin Michael, the head of digital for consumer and community banking at Chase, said. “We believe the Forrester ranking affirms the importance we place on creating an exceptional user experience for our customers at Chase.”

According to Chase, the bank has received positive consumer feedback on the redesigned Chase Mobile App for iPhone, which was released last month with more streamlined features. Additional changes and updates to app are expected later in the year.

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