Payment technology

AECU first in Missouri to launch NCR-branded ITM virtual teller

American Eagle Credit UnionAmerican Eagle Credit Union (AECU) recently became the first credit union in Missouri to deploy a remote, interactive video ATM machine produced by transaction technology provider NCR to provide personalized teller services to members.

NCR-branded ATMs are now available at AECU, a division of the Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union, allowing members to interact with a virtual teller window to make transactions just as they would inside a regular bank branch—services offered with the ATM technology include withdrawals, deposits, payments, transfers and chec cashing.

“The ITMs allow us to serve our members more effectively without affecting the personal service experience they enjoy and expect from us,” Robert Cotton, the vice president of branch operations for AECU, said. “The new technology will lower processing costs and provide faster transactions. One service representative can attend to as many four machines at multiple branch locations, enabling the employees at those locations to focus on in-branch member connections.”

AECU said it plans to install another six of the new ITMs at a new branch in Fenton, Mo., which is expected to open in the fall.

“Our members are excited about the new technology,” Branch Manager Samantha Knight said. “They enjoy the live video interaction, which wasn’t available previously with the traditional drive-up lanes.”

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