Zenmonics mobileBanker solution to allow bankers mobility in customer service

ZenmonicsInformation technology solutions provider Zenmonics recently announced mobileBanker, a new mobility solution that provides information on sales, marketing, transaction and account services through a single interface on a secure mobile tablet.

The technology allows bank personnel to work alongside a client, both inside the bank and out. Customer accounts and bank data are accessible through the interface without having to toggle between systems and applications.

“Though mobile banking apps have seen high adoption rates, the industry has yet to bring mobility to bankers who service clients in a face-to-face setting,” Zenmonics founder and CEO Riaz Syed said. “Zenmonics mobileBanker frees bank personnel from their desks and transforms how they interact with clients and prospects. With the broad range of information we place at their fingertips, they can work more efficiently and personalize each interaction. The end result is an improved customer experience that builds deeper and longer-lasting relationships.”

Bank employees can swipe a customer’s bank card on tablet equipped with a card reader and then pull of the customer’s account information, statement and profile. They are also able to answer questions, use multimedia to present offers and products, open new accounts and capture signatures.

The interface features four modules: the Lobby Leader, which is used to greet and track customers; the sales module, which allows employees to assess needs, open accounts and offer products; the servicing module streamlines profile update and speeds response times for customer service requests; and the teller module, which allows bank associates to complete transactions anywhere from inside a branch.

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