Yapyzal social media tool debuts on Facebook

epaymentamericaePaymentAmerica’s social commerce tool Yapyzal, the first of its kind that allows businesses to design and share product offers on social media sites and secure payment processing via the social media platform, debuted on Tuesday.

The service was initially launched on Facebook, though there are plans to expand to other social media sites, and it requires no additional coding or programming.

“There have been several services brought to market that fall short of creating a truly easy-to-use social commerce experience because they ultimately force customers to leave social media to complete the transaction, to use a separate and cumbersome payment account, or they merely embed and re-direct the customer to a business’s website,” Yapyzal creator and ePaymentAmerica head Christopher Reckert said. “With Yapyzal, businesses can use a secure web-based application to post and sell a product directly from their Facebook page. The customer then makes the purchase without ever leaving the Facebook experience. And, the financial transaction is handled by ePaymentAmerica, an established credit card processing and e-commerce provider.”

With the Yapyzal service, businesses will be able to post and sell products through social media sites without any marketing expertise or a third-party payment processor. Customers can pay using their credit and debit cards while remaining on the social media site.

“For customers visiting a business social media site, it is as simple as seeing an offer they like and then buying. For the business, it is as simple as post, share and then sell,” Reckert said. “There is nothing else like it, which is the essence of our pending patent. Yapyzal offers an unprecedented and powerful sales tool; the ability for a business to design, post and share an offer and then complete a transaction on social media regardless of physical location.”

Yapyzal is available for a one-time setup fee of $79.95, a monthly fee of $29.95 and a per transaction fee of approximately three percent. Yapyzal is fully powered by ePaymentAmerica.

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