Warren takes heat for profiting off the middle class’ hardship

Elizabeth Warren

Democratic Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren has come under fire from the Massachusetts Republican Party, which alleges that Warren profited from helping family members to “flip” homes and re-sell them.

News reports revealed earlier this month that Warren and her husband Bruce had, on multiple occasions, lent family members money to buy, renovate and sell houses for profit.

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) said that some of those homes went into foreclosure and that, ultimately, Warren “profit[ed] off of middle class families’ hardship,” MassLive reports.

Most of the home sales occurred in the 1990s, and- one occurred in 2000, though all sales were finalized long before the recent housing collapse. Warren’s campaign has dismissed claims by Republicans that her family assisted in buying the homes for family members because they were financially secure enough to do so.

“Elizabeth and Bruce are fortunate to be able to help their family,” Alethea Harney, Warren’s press secretary, said in a statement, according to MassLive. “They have been able to help relatives buy their homes and after Elizabeth’s brother lost his job as a construction worker, Elizabeth and Bruce were able to provide him support to buy and fix up properties.”

Polls reveal that Warren and Brown are tied with the margin of undecided voters continuing to narrow with each survey. Warren is seeking to unseat Brown in what could be the most expensive and controversial political race in U.S. history.

One Response to Warren takes heat for profiting off the middle class’ hardship

  1. MarineVeteran says:

    Despite condemning the mortgage banking industry, she profited significantly by flipping foreclosed residences in the 1990s, which ultimately enables unstable housing inflation. This deceitful desperation for personal gain raises severe concerns on Warren’s moral integrity involving potential future policies. She portrayed zero compassion for vulnerable citizens, dealing in the predatory practices she supposedly wishes to stamp out. Our government is already plagued by enough corrupt politicians with empty promises. If Warren is successful in seizing the Senate position, we are purely adding to this dilemma, not stopping it.