Warren cozies up with former GE lobbyists

Elizabeth WarrenMassachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is facing a round of criticisms for accepting campaign donations from a lobbyist whose company lobbied on behalf of GE, the company Warren has condemned.

Warren accepted a $1,000 donation from Robert Roben, who works for lobbyists that worked for GE from 2003 to 2010, reports.

Republicans have made Warren’s calendar record with Roben public. The record shows that the two met on four separate occasions over the last year.

Warren’s campaign defended the meetings and said she met with hundreds of people and groups while working with the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

"In her work building the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Elizabeth met with hundreds of people and organizations from across the country – from community bankers to consumer groups to industry representatives – in what was praised widely as unprecedented outreach," Warren spokesman Kyle Sullivan, said, according to

Critics point out that it is customary in Washington for lobbyists to play a large role in governing and funding the campaigns that their targeted politicians run.

"It's clear where Elizabeth stands and how hard she's worked when it comes to holding special interests and Wall Street accountable. It's an empty charge," Sullivan said, reports.

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