Warren beats Brown for Mass. Senate seat

Elizabeth Warren

Democrat Elizabeth Warren became the first woman elected to the Senate from Massachusetts on Tuesday following her campaign to unseat Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.).

“This victory belongs to you,” Warren said in her acceptance speech, according to the Boston Herald. “I won’t just be your senator, I’ll be your champion.”

Brown congratulated Warren in his concession speech, saying that he “kept that promise to…be that independent voice” for the state of Massachusetts, adding that he will “never, ever regret helping people who could not help themselves.”

The battle between Warren and Brown for the Senate seat drew record campaign contributions nationwide and ended with a massive get-out-the-vote effort and poll lines that stretched for blocks, some of which carried up to two hour wait times, Boston Herald reports.

Warren, a Harvard professor who oversaw the establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Brown, who won the seat two years ago after the death of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, have been stuck in a stalemate for months.

The Warren campaign deployed a mobile canvassing app called MiniVAN that allowed volunteers to record in real time which voters had come to the polls, and individuals who had not yet voted were targeted in canvassing waves, according to Boston Herald.

The Brown campaign opened up 35 offices across the state, some of which were in strongly Democratic areas like West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain and Pittsfield.

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