Walmart, American Express team up for reloadable card

Walmart and American Express have teamed up to launch a reloadable prepaid card for shoppers that will have no minimum balance and no monthly, annual or overdraft fees.

The Bluebird program, which started as a pilot program at the end of last year, is being pushed as an alternative to debit and checking accounts to allow consumers to better manage and control their finances, CNBC reports.

Bluebird, the companies says, utilized feedback from consumers who said that rising fees related to checking accounts and debit services were their main complaint.

“Our customers tell us that they’re tired of navigating a complex maze of do’s and don’ts to avoid the ever growing list of fees found on checking products,” Daniel Eckert, the vice president of financial services for Walmart U.S., said, according to CNBC.

Bluebird, Eckert added, will “help customers affordably manage their everyday finances,” CNBC reports.

Bluebird cards will work at a variety of locations accepting American Express. Users can deposit funds directly onto the card via direct deposit, remote check capture, cash at a Walmart register, or by linking a checking, savings or debit card to the account.

The card, which launches next week, will be available at more than 4,000 Walmart stores.

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