Visa, ICBA partner to provide community-based offers programs to Bancard institutions

visa_logoVisa announced last week that it teamed up with the Independent Community Bankers Association to launch an initiative aimed at providing community-based offers programs to ICBA Bancard institutions.

“This partnership with Visa will enable us to create a program that is relevant to our members and their customers and that meets the demand for both local and national merchant offers to reach consumers,” Noah Wilcox, the chairman of ICBA Bancard and president and CEO of Minnesota-based Grand Rapids State Bank, said. “We’re excited to work with Visa on this initiative and appreciate their commitment to providing cutting-edge programs, technology and services to support community banks across the country.”

The program will utilize Visa’s Offers capabilities to connect participating institutions and their Visa accountholders with merchant offers and discounts relevant to their local communities. Visa Offers allows institutions and merchants to deliver targeted offers to consumers enrolled in the program, based on their shopping behaviors and purchase locations.

“Community banks are vital financial partners to millions of Americans and are important Visa clients,” William Sheedy, Visa’s global executive, said. “We are committed to customizing Visa’s products and services, such as Visa Offers, to help our partners provide the greatest value to their customers in ways that are both scalable for their business and relevant to their local communities. Importantly, this initiative with ICBA Bancard will help inform and develop other community bank programs that can further enable these institutions to grow and meet the unique needs of their customers.”

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