Virgin Money increases credit card balance transfer period to 26 months

virgin moneyVirgin Money announced on Thursday that it would increase the balance transfer period for its credit card by 6 months, from 20 to 26 months.

The change brings the card into line with a number of other issuers, many of which currently offer 26 months with zero percent balance transfers for new customers, but it also gives them a competitive edge over other brands like Tesco and Barclaycard.

Only the Barclaycard Platinum with Balance Transfer card offers a longer duration with zero percent to customers at 27 months.

“With this change Virgin Money will now be amongst the most competitive UK credit card products, but this is nothing new,” Mark Scott, the managing director of, said. “We should remember that Virgin have great pedigree in this space, having offered the longest UK balance transfer product available for a sustained period at the start of the credit crunch, with their 16 month product. Obviously a lot has happened since then, both from a credit regulatory point of view and with the Virgin Money business – they have since bought Northern Rock. With this bold move it looks like Virgin is returning to its roots. They are a phenomenally trusted brand and I’m sure this will be warmly welcomed by UK consumers.”

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