Verizon Wireless makes mobile payments more accessible

Verizon Wireless has teamed with Intuit to start selling the company’s GoPayment credit card reader on its accessory rack in its store.

GoPayment will be sold in Verizon’s 2,300 retail stores and other distribution channels, according to

The sales teams in the stores are being trained to teach all customers, including small-to-medium-sized business owners, how to install the application, how to register and how to take the credit card payments.

Most Android, Blackberry and Apple smartphone and tablet owners will be able to plug the credit card reader directly into the audio jack of their devices.

Verizon predicts GoPayment will drive more high-end smartphone sales among small business owners, according to

Intuit’s product will be the only credit card reader sold at Verizon, however, similar products do exist such as the Square and VeriFone.

Intuit serves small business owners through other software products such as Quicken, QuickBooks and TurboTax.

GoPayments' launch on Verizon’s accessory rack is the first time an Intuit card reader will be available at a retailer location other than at Apple locations, which was negotiated by the company’s partner, reports. Intuit is also offering a free reader with two free months on its website.

GoPayments is priced at $30 after a mail-in rebate. Downloading the application is free of charge, however, Intuit receives 2.7 percent of each transaction. A customer can choose a monthly plan that costs $12.95 that offers only a 1.7 percent transaction fee and allows a 60 day period with no fee.

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