U.S. economy adds 165,000 jobs in April, unemployment falls to 7.5 percent

U.S. bureau of labor statisticsData from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that while unemployment rate has held fairly constant at 7.5 percent, the U.S. economy added 165,000 jobs last month.

The unemployment rate fell from 7.6 percent to 7.5 percent in April, the lowest rate since December 2008, while the labor force participation rate remained unchanged at 63.3 percent.

“The numbers are a continuous reminder that under President Obama’s leadership, the economy is gradually getting stronger, but there is still work to do,” Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-Penn.) said. “I again call on my colleagues to put partisan politics aside…let’s work together so that every able-bodied American who wants a job has a job.”

The White House’s Council of Economic Advisers echoed that sentiment, saying “now is not the time for Washington to impose self-inflicted wounds on the economy.”

“The Administration continues to urge Congress to replace the sequester with balanced deficit reduction, while working to put in place measures to create middle-class jobs, such as by rebuilding our roads and bridges and promoting American manufacturing,” the council said. “The President will continue to press Congress to act on the measures he called for in his State of the Union address to make America a magnet for good jobs, help workers earn the skills they need to do those jobs, and make sure their hard work leads to a decent living.”

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