U.S. Bank to upgrade ATMs to Windows 7

U.S. BankU.S. Bank announced on Wednesday that it plans upgrade its ATMs with the Windows 7 operating system, a project expected to be complete early next year.

Beginning in April, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP, making the OS noncompliant with PCI guidelines.

“U.S. Bank is committed to delivering the highest level of functionality and protection for consumers at the ATM,” Jeannie Fichtel, the executive vice president and head of 24-hour and ATM banking at U.S. Bank, said. “By proactively implementing security upgrades such as Windows 7, we are offering our customers enhanced service that may be invisible to them, but which is particularly important to preserving the integrity of our network.”

The upgrade will be completed by Diebold, which will install advanced encrypting PIN pads on the bank’s terminals to enhance consumer security protections and comply with PCI mandates. Diebold will also install EMV card readers on the ATMs.

“U.S. Bank was one of the first banks to comply with ADA regulations so it’s no surprise that they are the first to initiate Windows 7 conversions,” Mychal D. Kempt, the vice president of North America operations at Diebold, said. “One of our most progressive customers, the bank was the first to use our latest Agilis software, deploying a customized solution that enables efficiencies when implementing new services at the ATM.”

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