U.N. World Food Programme to launch e-voucher food program for Syrian refugees

WFPThe United Nations World Food Programme said last week it would, with the support of MasterCard, unveil an electronic voucher program in Lebanon to allow Syrian refugees to meet their food needs.

WFP will also introduce a similar e-card program for Syrian refugees in Jordan—a project scheduled for phased roll-out for an initial 300,000 refugees by the end of the year.

“The new e-cards will allow Syrian refugees to choose the foods they want, when they want,” Elisabeth Rasmusson, WFP’s assistant executive director for partnership and governance services, said. “We are grateful for MasterCard’s assistance in setting up the e-voucher system in Lebanon and Jordan, the two countries hosting the largest number of refugees. It’s just one example of how our combined efforts can offer powerful and innovative ways to fight hunger.”

The voucher program is part of a broader partnership with MasterCard that began last September.

“At MasterCard we believe that technology has the power to unlock innovation in food aid delivery, enabling a greater impact and helping achieve the vision that a world beyond cash builds a world beyond hunger,” Ann Cairns, MasterCard’s president of international markets, said. “We are committed to working with the UN World Food Programme to end world hunger.”

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