TSYS Merchant Solutions launches multi-currency shopping, payment services

TSYSTSYS Merchant Solutions, one of the top 10 merchant acquirers in the U.S., announced last week the launch of Pay in Your Currency and Shop in Your Currency, its multi-currency payment solution.

Both payment solutions are powered by international multi-currency payment processor Planet Payment. Pay in Your Currency allows international customers to pay for a purchase using their home currency, and details of the transaction, including the purchase amount and daily exchange rates, will also be available to the customer.

Shop in Your Currency allows e-commerce merchants to reach higher international sales volume by localizing their offerings and simplifying the shopping experience for foreign customers.

“Multi-currency solutions help our clients improve the payment experience for their customers by providing the option to shop and pay in their own currency,” Chris McNulty, TSYS’ group executive of sales, said. “It is a win for us, our clients and their customers when we offer a product that improves the experience for all. Planet Payment is a partner that truly understands our business. They enable our customers with a multi-currency solution that adds value to our relationship and ultimately improves the businesses’ bottom line. Improving people’s lives with payment solutions and helping our customers grow their business is part of our ‘People-Centered Payments’ brand promise. Offering multi-currency solutions from Planet Payment allows us to do both.”

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