Trustwave introduces information security, compliance social network

TrustwaveTrustwave announced on Monday its TrustKeeper Community, a moderated social network designed to allow small businesses, security experts and financial institutions to discuss and understand information security and compliance best practices.

Small businesses will have access to hundreds of free informational resources, including videos and articles. Community members can, through user-generated content, learn more about numerous information security and compliance topics, including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance.

PCI DSS is a security requirement applicable to businesses that store, process or transmit sensitive cardholder data. It has been endorsed by all major credit card brands, including Visa, Discover, American Express, MasterCard and JCB.

“For many small businesses, implementing an effective security plan and maintaining PCI compliance can be a complex and mystifying process,” Doug Klotnia, the general manager of compliance and risk management at Trustwave, said. “Our new social network helps demystify that process by opening communication among small businesses, financial institutions and security experts in an effort to help businesses both achieve PCI compliance and solve other data security issues as technology and payment processing evolves.”

The community is currently in beta testing and is being introduced by select financial institutions to their merchants.

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