Texas city of La Vernia considers card fee for bill-pay and other services

The citizens of La Vernia, Texas, may soon see a slight increase in the cost of utility bills and other services if they choose to pay with plastic at city hall.

During a city council meeting earlier this month, Mayor Robert Gregory said that La Vernia paid approximately $5,700 last year in merchant card fees, and the council discussed the need for a credit card fee. The bank charges the city four percent each time a merchant swipes a credit or debit card, and the fee could increase, according to La Vernia News.

Many community members pay utility bills and other services, like permit and building fees, at city hall with credit cards.

The city’s council members, including Randy Leonard, Bobby Richter, John Richter and Eloi Cormier, as well as Mayor Gregory, agreed to add a $5 fee to all bills paid using plastic.

Angela Cantu, La Vernia’s city secretary and treasurer, said that the council is also in the process of establishing an online bill-pay feature that would allow members of the community to pay utility bills online without the added $5 fee, La Vernia News reports.

The fee, though approved by the city council, will not take effect until a city ordinance is crafted and implemented.

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